Ron Weasley

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Full Name: Ronald Bilius Weasley

Occupation: Auror

Patronus: A Jack Russel Terrier

Siblings: 6, Bill, Percy, Charlie, Fred, Ginny and George

Birthdate: 1st March 1980

Parents: Molly Prewett Weasley and Arthur Weasley

Hogwarts: Attended since 1991. Sorted in Gryffindor

Ron Weasley is a very honorable young man, who cares exceptionally for his family and friends.  being the youngest child in a very long line of Weasley achievers, Ron is his first years at school, he felt very pressured to meet the expectations of his family.

Ron is very aware of his family’s lower income.  Originally he had his brothers wand which was made from awful ash.  He broke it second year.  His new wand was an entire 14 inches long, made from willow wood and with a unicorn tail hair.

Ron’s friendship with Harry Potter has had many problems.  A regular wizard child, Ron was first to accept Potter as his student instead of celeb.  He helped Harry learn a lot of the wizard worlds.

Rons future seems exciting.  After not asking Hermione to the Yule Ball in 1994, he becomes extremely jealous when she ends up with Viktor Krum.  The feelings sabotage her attempt to ask Harry out later in 1996 too.

He is additionally intensely mindful of his family’s low salary. More than the other Weasley youngsters, he appears to keep running up against humiliating circumstances including absence of family reserves, one of the numerous things that make him an incessant focus of badgering by Draco Malfoy. He initially had his sibling, Charlie’s wand produced using fiery remains, however after that softened up his second year he got another before his third year; his new wand was fourteen inches made of willow wood with one unicorn tail hair.

Ron has a harsh, wisecracking comical inclination, and experiences issues considering anything important. He can now and then be enthusiastic and incautious, he is somewhat juvenile, and has had a considerable measure of issue with young ladies previously. Ron is arachnophobic, which becomes possibly the most important factor a great deal in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This dread originates from an occasion where his sibling Fred transfigured a teddy bear that he was laying down with into a vast insect for breaking his toy broomstick.

Not actually a studious kid, Ron keeps up normal scores in the vast majority of his classes, and figured out how to increase seven O.W.L.s, flopping just History of Magic and Divination. He is overcome and faithful, and keeping in mind that very little of a scholarly is positively not doltish; a brilliant strategist, he has an incredible ability for Wizard’s Chess, and every so often makes critical associations apparently unintentionally.

Ron is extremely defensive of his more youthful sister Ginny and is continually keeping an eye out for what she is doing and her identity doing it with. As the most youthful sibling, he is the steady focus of prodding from his twin siblings Fred and George, yet admires every one of his siblings as good examples, particularly Bill and Charlie. Alongside whatever remains of his family, he is mad and furious over Percy’s choice to favor the Ministry of Magic against Ron’s dad and Harry, and has scarcely addressed him over the most recent couple of years.

Ron’s companionship with Harry has not been without issues. Effectively mindful of his own confinements when contrasted with his more established siblings, he here and there feels inconceivably sub-par compared to the acclaimed “Kid Who Lived”. At the point when Harry’s name left the Goblet of Fire, Ron thought Harry had bamboozled to get himself entered, and the two quickly dropped out, however repaired their fellowship after the primary undertaking. He has dependably come through for Harry, however, and is wildly faithful to him. An ordinary wizard kid, Ron was the primary individual to really acknowledge Harry as a kindred understudy instead of a big name. He has acquainted Harry with a hefty portion of the substances of life in the Wizarding World, and has a fundamentally the same as point of view to Harry, despite the fact that he some of the time thinks that its difficult to comprehend the uncommon things that happen to his companion.

Ron’s association with Hermione Granger has likewise had its high points and low points. Ron once in a while exploits Hermione’s knowledge and bent, and they have regularly been inconsistent in issue where their undertakings take them outside school rules. It has bit by bit turned out to be clear finished the years, be that as it may, that Ron has solid sentimental affections for Hermione, however missing enthusiastic development he manages them ponderously. In the wake of neglecting to ask Hermione to the Yule Ball in 1994, he ends up plainly envious of her association with Viktor Krum, sentiments which keep going sufficiently long to attack her endeavor to ask him out in 1996. In a similar book, he dated Lavender Brown, somewhat to demonstrate a point additionally, it appears, to make Hermione desirous. His association with Lavender endured through the Christmas break, yet went to pieces after that. The combine at last accommodated after he is genuinely harmed, and turned out to be apparently indistinguishable.

Ron’s future appears to be cheerful. He survives book seven and weds Hermione, and takes after Harry into a vocation as an Auror, helping his closest companion to redo the Auror framework. He likewise appears to have acquired a Muggle driver’s permit, maybe demonstrating that, similar to his dad, he has an enthusiasm for Muggle ancient rarities.